Management Practice and Theory

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Description of Task

A manager understands that organisational effectiveness results from team effectiveness. This means selecting people for the job who

have the right mix of knowledge and skills, and balancing the team’s size and diversity. The team may also require the manager’s assistance

to coordinate the activities of the team to enable it to perform the task.

The team may be virtual, or a combination of actual and virtual.

Assignment Question:

*Is establishing team work difficult in organisations?

Some suggestions on how to answer this question (this list is not exhaustive).

Your answer must be based on the theory and concepts taught in this subject. Such as :

Chester Barnard

Mary Parker Follett

Henri Fayol

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

Elton Mayo

Henry Mintzberg

Frederick W Taylor

Max Weber

Discuss this question with reference to at least four theoretical perspectives and concepts taught in this subject to support your view.

  • As a minimum research requirement, the subject text book and required readings must be referenced as part of your research effort to answer this question.

Marks may also be awarded if appropriate examples of organisations are also used as a basis for your arguments.

Assignment Structure:

You should consider the following as the structure for your assignment:

Title page (not included in the word count)

Table of Contents (not included in the word count)

  • Executive Summary


Body of the Work (identify what you consider to be the important themes drawn from the relevant literature and organizational examples you have chosen to consider).


Reference list (not included in the word count)


The key text for this subject is Wren, D and Bedeian, A (2009), The Evolution of Management

Thought, 6th Edition, Wiley.

Additional Text

During the subject we also use Schermerhorn, JR, Davidson, P, Poole D, Woods, P, Simon, A, and McBarron, E (2014), Management, 5th Asia Pacific Edition, Wiley.

In particular for subjects such as:  Recruitment – Chapter 12 p 333-340. Performance and teams – Chapter 12 p 340 and Chapter 17. Organisational challenges – Chapter 7

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