Market Strategies For Small Business Project Week 4

  Course Project: Product Positioning Map Product positioning refers to the many strategies and techniques businesses use to create a particular identity or image in the minds of their target customers. Having a clear idea of how you would like your business to be perceived is a crucial step in the marketing process. There are many methods and approaches to developing an effective product (or service) position. One of these methods is the product positioning map. This map depicts how your business’s product or service compares to those of your competitors. A product positioning map can be created based on any two applicable factors, such as expense, usability, aesthetics, and long-term value. For this section of your Course Project, you will compare your proposed business product or service to that of another company in the same industry. You will then create a product positioning map based on this comparison and provide a rationale for your placement. For this Assignment, select a company in the same industry as your proposed business, and compare the product (or service) positioning of each company. Think about where you want to place your business in the market in relation to the existing company. Refer to the Product – Positioning Map handout for a template of a product positioning map. To complete this Assignment: Create a product positioning map using the exemplar, instructions, and template provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Use two variables to compare your business’s product or service to that of another company in the same industry. Consider the Four Ps in the marketing mix when placing the companies. When reflecting on your Four Ps, think about high- and low-end marketing. How would your products/services and pricing be displayed in a high-end venue vs. a low-end venue?  Explain, in a 1-page paper, your rationale for the placement of your company and your competitor on the positioning map. Submit your Week 4 Assignment, “Product Position Map,” in the online classroom by Day 7. This assignment comprises two sections: A product positioning map and a 1-page paper. By Day 7 This Assignment will be due. Submission and Grading Information To submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following: Please save your Project using the naming convention “WK4Proj+last name+first initial.(extension)” as the name. Click the Week 4 Project Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Assignment. Click the Week 4 Project link. You will also be able to “View Rubric” for grading criteria from this area. Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as “WK4Proj+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open. If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database. Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.

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