Marketing Homework Help

Marketing Homework Help

MKTG1028 – Secondary Market Research Assignment 2 Annotated Bibliography
Assignment 2 – Annotated Bibliography (10% of the final grade)
See the MKTG-1028 FOL Calendar for the Assignment 2 due date for your Section. Note: Make sure your instructor has approved your project topic prior to starting this assignment Marketing Homework Help

This assignment is designed to help you organize information you find online for your MKTG1028 research project. You will capture, organize, describe and post links to news, research, and infographics for your research project.


Your annotated bibliography will be graded at the end of Module 4 based on the links and information you have captured for your category analysis. You may benefit from continuing to build on your annotated bibliography as you find additional information related to your consumer, competitive and PEST analysis.
You must capture and describe 5 types of information for your Category analysis. Marketing Homework Help
· A web page or data set containing data on the size of the market for your category
· An industry research report containing findings related to your category
· A news item, web page or data set containing information on market share within your category
· An info-graphic or data visualization related to your category
· An industry association related to your category
Note that you must include 5 different resources (no duplications).
For each the 5 types of information for your Category analysis:
· Identify the type of information you are including
· Include a functioning link to the URL (website address) for the source of information
· Give a brief (3 to 4 sentence) description of the type of information provided by the source
· Include the bibliographical information you will include on your References page if you cite the source in your report. (Review the APA resources from Module 3 for formatting Reference …

Marketing Homework Help

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