Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services

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Project Overview:           Students will analyse the extension of 2 luxury brands into a sector outside of the original (for example, from fashion clothing to perfumes). General theories on brand extensions should be used as well as examples from 2 companies of their choice. Visual examples should be presented in the appendices section.

Overall Aim:                     The aim of the project is for students to investigate the importance and different methods of brand extensions in the luxury sector.

Learning Outcomes:


This is a project to be carried out in GROUPS OF TWO (only in exceptional circumstances will a group of another size be permitted).

-An analysis of the chosen industry sector worldwide (PESTEC analysis)

-An analysis of the chosen brand and its ownership structure

-Details of the extensions of the chosen brands

-Identification of segmentation by analysing the promotional materials of the different companies and linking this to the chosen target groups (s)

Resources Available:

  • GIHE library and resources
  • Services Management lectures including the text and any handouts.

Special Instructions:

To pass this assignment you are expected to:

  • Submit a hard copy of your project accompanied by a signed and dated statement of authorship;
  • use appropriate terminology, Glion APA style referencing and correct English;
  • respect the required format;
  • be prepared to do a viva at the discretion of the tutor and in the presence of at least two faculty members;
  • Keep a record of your own experiences from the present semester and not rely on previous encounters.

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