Marketing Plan Phase 2: Strategies & Implementation

Assessment Overview


The aim of this assessment is for you to develop the skills to operate as a marketing professional in today’s competitive marketing environment. Specifically, you are the Marketing Manager of a firm or business of your own choosing and your task will be to develop a logically derived marketing plan. It will be a two phase assignment as follows:

Marketing Plan Phase 1: Situation Analysis & SWOT

Marketing Plan Phase 2: Strategies & Implementation


The guidelines for both Phases of the assignment are as follows:

  • The assessment is undertaken as an individual.
  • You may choose the firm or business that the marketing plan will be for yourselves, or you 
can select from the examples provided – see the note below.
  • Both parts of the assignment should be presented in the form of a business report.
  • Given the brevity required, you should not overuse headings.
  • You do not need an executive summary.
  • Each phase must have a contents page.
  • The word count includes such items as headings, in-text references and quotes. It does not 
include the reference list at the end of the assignment. The word limit is final – over length assignments will be penalised.
  • You are not expected to support your assignment with academic references – this is a business report. However, you may still use references to facts and figures related to the external and internal environment.
  • Selection of a firm/business for the assignment

You may choose the firm or business yourselves. However, your choice will need to be approved by your tutor, and be within the following parameters:

  • Students can use a firm in their current location, or from their home city or town.
  • It should employ more than 8 persons.
  • It can be either a good or service firm.
  • It must NOT be a franchise, e.g., your local McDonalds.
  • It must NOT be a multi-national firm.
  • You can have a personal involvement with the firm or business.
  • It is very wise to choose a firm or business with which you are familiar and that you can 
source information about easily.

You may also select one of the examples provided, if you are having difficulty finding a firm for the Assessment – for example, you may be new to Tasmania. You may choose from the following:

  • Tassal – “Delicious, fresh and healthy Tasmanian Atlantic salmon”:
  • The Henry Jones Art Hotel – “First class Hobart accommodation”:
  • Incat – “Building the world’s best high speed ships”:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that you are writing this report for your CEO/Board/General Manager/etc. – it is an internal document.

Assessment Item 2 – Marketing Plan Phase 2: Strategies & Implementation

Task Description:  Present the Marketing Strategies section of the Marketing Plan. This should be divided into the following sub-sections:

  1. Marketing Goal and Objective
  2. Specific Marketing Strategies
  3. Implementation & Control

A document – ‘Phase 2 information’ – giving more details on the possible contents of each sub-section will be available on MyLO: Assessment/Assessment Item 2/Resources.

Assessment Criteria: The following document will be available through MyLO: Assessment/Assessment Item 2/Resources:

  • Assessment criteria

Task Length: 2500 words

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