marketing research

Fairway Markets Who is the target group – the most profitable customers? Be specific! YOU MUST USE and cite published industry sources that cite quantitative market research as the basis for the target group, (e.g., trade associations, research organizations and industry publications) to learn who is/are the target group(s) for your chosen product. This will vary by industry. Some so-called expert’s opinion is not acceptable. Interviews with senior executives at the company MAY help as background but they are not going to share confidential business information with other people. Sharing that type of information is career suicide. They are more likely to mislead other people, not being candid.  Your description of the target group MUST follow the example above for the Crickets, Slugs, Grubs, and Vermin Restaurant. o Only appropriate sources are acceptable. o No SlideShare or Prezi work is acceptable. NO student work is acceptable. o The report must be in a standard memo format o All sources used must be listed in the bibliography in the APA format, lose ten points per source that is inappropriate – not in the APA format, too old, does not provide target group information. You must find two or more sources that agree on who is the target group for this product. REMINDER, I check each source. . The sources must be no more than four years old. Remember triangulation! Fairway Markets examples only don’t use it The state of the grocery shopper in 2017 | Retail Dive.. – This is good general background on the grocers shopper – not a source. Read carefully and get leads for your assignment. The Changing Demographics Of The Grocery Game | -This is also good background on grocery shoppers – not a source. Read carefully for leads for your assignment.

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