Marketing Simulation Coursework Brief:

This assignment has been designed to assess the following intended learning outcomes:


Explain the foundational principles of marketing and apply them to a broad range of contexts, industries and outcomes.

Apply marketing principles to segmentation and positioning and develop appropriate strategic responses.

Critique the theoretical foundations and practical evidence for the marketing concept and marketing orientation.


Marketing Simulation Coursework Brief:

The assignment is based around your group performance in the Practice Marketing Simulation activity. This is a group assignment and will be assessed as a group. All members of the group will receive the same mark.


The main elements of the assignment are:


1. Initial Marketing Plan (1000 words)


Your team is required to prepare a marketing plan that outlines a proposed marketing strategy for your company, including a proposed positioning strategy, a proposed marketing mix strategy and an outline of the key performance indicators that you will use to evaluate your team performance. Your marketing plan should draw on concepts and models covered in the module, as well as recommended readings and further readings that your group will research independently. The initial marketing plan should contain the following:


  1. A critical overview of the aims and purpose of marketing planning
  2. A proposed marketing strategy for your company
  3. A proposed marketing mix strategy
  4. A discussion and justification of the key performance indicators you intend to apply to measure your performance
  5. The main roles and activities of each team member


You may include appendices which are not included in the word count. You must use the Harvard Referencing System for all your references. The reference list is not included in the word count.

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