Marketing Strategy Homework help

This practical assessment requires students to complete a set of four tasks. These are designed to meet the module’s learning outcomes and allows the student’s work to be presented in a digital marketing firm.  The assessment provides students the opportunity to decide on an appropriate format and medium for the delivery of their work, with the agreement of the module lead. Marketing Strategy Homework help
Task One:
Students should decide if they would like to submit their work in either a video, audio, or written format This will subsequently determine if the student is to launch a vlogging (video), podcasting (audio), or blogging (written) channel.
Students should brand their chosen medium in relation to the context of the assessment. Both the format and medium should be agreed upon with the module tutor.


Task Two: Case Study Create a piece of digital content 115-minute vlog or 15-minute podcast or 850-word blog post) critically evaluating either one of the topics below:
hops://www.straitstimes.eoneliusiniNsiikce-turnsdhe-page-on-cataloguc-afIcr-seven-dccades Ininic;:www.retaildetad eu.ento‘s hirniturelikea-xton-Paper-calpioxec (accessed on 12 Dec 2020)
For the past seventy years, Ikea has been publishing Its paper catalog that has become something to look forward to among certain Ikea customers. Founder Ingvar Kamprad put together the first copy in 1951. It is now necessary to stop the paper catalog as times change although it is an emotional but rational decision. The decision to say goodbye to the iconic catalog is closely linked to the company’s digital transformation in recent years. Both media consumption and customer behavior have changed dramatically over the years. It has become less and less important to continue printing millions of copies of catalogs each year.
Students should critically evaluate the following aspects:

  • Ikea’s new digital marketing strategy with the aim to attract the younger generation (explore the branding, value proposition, digital channels, customer journey)
  • The success and challenges of the strategy/campaign and how was it measured/KPH
  • What were the digital marketing objectives in relation to Charlesworth ROM Marketing Strategy Homework help
  • How could relevant, credible academic/practitioner models (such as McGruer, 2020) be applied to the campaign?

Task Three: The Digital Marketing Environment
Students are required to create a second piece of separate content 115-minute vlog or 15-minute podcast or 850-word bldg post), ideally focusing on their format (e.g. video) and medium (e.g. YouTacontent should critically examine the strategic application of variousOnionsvarioustheir chosen medium (such as YouTube, Blogspot, PodBean for example) in the digital marketing environment today.

  • The identification of any industry success stories
  • Any examples of brands integrating this approach
  • The current digital trends in relation to the medium
  • The composition of the customer avatar targeted to engage with this medium
  • Identity the search engine optimization opportunities

Please note: Further discussion of relevant themes and analysis is also encouraged to display the student’s further reading, research, and understanding of the subject and themes.
Task Four: Digital Marketing Analytics
Students are required to provide an annotated screenshot of their platform’s free analytic. This should be achieved via free analytical tools provided within the platform, or free analytical tools such as the highly regarded Google Analytics tool.
Focusing on at least one KP1 (e.g. bounce rates), students should provide analytical annotations I suggested 500 words in MaJJ on how this measurement is utilized within digital marketing strategy today. Students should consider the key actions and decisions of the digital marketer in relation to this measurement. Marketing Strategy Homework help

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