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Assignment Brief:
The task is divided into two parts (Part I & Part 2) and candidates are expected to address both.
After entering commercial markets in the first half of the decade, electric car sales have soared. Only about 17 000 electric cars were on the world’s roads in 2010. By 2019, that number had swelled to 7.2 million, 47% of which were in The People’s Republic of China (“China”). Nine countries had more than 100 000 electric cars on the road. At least 20 countries reached market shares above 1% (IEA Global EV Outlook 2020, 2021). Marketing Strategy homework help
“But the main reason for the growth is simple — electric cars are a better technology. There is no noise, no pollution, better acceleration, and cheaper running costs. If people test-drive an electric car, they’re not going to go back to gasoline vehicles. The problem at the moment is that the price is a little bit higher, but the cost is really coming down as well. The rising sales are being driven by government policies to reduce carbon emissions, but a key factor is that electric cars are simply a better technology”, said Viktor Irle, sales and marketing analyst at (The Guardian, 2021).


As the head of marketing of a car manufacturer/brand (of your choice), you have been tasked with creating a report for senior management on the introduction of a new brand of electric car into the market. The new brand should be aimed at the premium segment of the market and launched in a country of your choice.
The launch is scheduled for late 2021.
Part 1:

  • Using appropriate sources, undertake a full marketing audit (internal and external environments) to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your organization. Include details about the industry competitive position and market share of your competitors.
  • Provide a critical evaluation of the organization’s competitive edge (USP) and its current marketing strategy. Demonstrate its effectiveness by providing value-added to its consumers and include other relevant market performance data to underpin your evaluation (e.g., growth, sales trends and/or profitability) of your competitors.”

Part 2:

  • Based on your Part 1 analysis, select a single target segment and set clear marketing objectives to increase brand awareness, market share, sales, and/or profitability for the new brand you are recommending. Your marketing strategy should address these objectives with the application of the marketing mix to your organization.
  • These suggestions should be your own ideas but may include marketing tactics and strategies used by other successful organizations or companies.” Marketing Strategy homework help

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