Mass Communication: Theoretical research paper

This is a theoretical research paper. The topic is about combining spiral of silence theory and cultivation theory in a new approach. The important thing is being able to cite sufficient sources for each that allow you to build a substantive and substantiated argument about how they connect, and what the benefit of this connection is to mass communication research. Here is the topic in few sentences: ( The theory of cultivation and the spiral of silence theory both consider the influence of mass media on society, having many similarities.

Taking into account that both theories study the perception of the reality of society through the prism of the media, they relate to the theory of social control and the study of both theories together can provide a new look at the actual topic of mass media influence on modern society. Therefore, if the early data of the theory was considered separately in relation to the study of the powerful influence of media effects, then today it is possible to consider their ideas and approaches together, examining their similarities and differences and identifying the combined capabilities of the two theories that can help better understand the relationship of modern media and public opinion. Thus, the consideration of the theory of cultivation and the spiral of silence theory through their common approaches and differences can contribute to a new, deeper understanding of social control through media effects, which is necessary for understanding the changes in the theory of mass communication in modern realities.))

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