Masters level-couneling children

1 paragraph for each question. Use powerpoint and internet to answer questions. Answer questions directly. Do NOT add any general information. Please be very specific and add main details. Chapter 2: Behavior Therapy 1. How do behavior therapists explain the development (or etiology) of mental health problems? 2. What contributes to change for clients in behavior therapy? 3. What are the benefits and limitations to the use of behavior therapy with children and/or adolescents? Chapter 10: Disruptive Behavior in Children 1. What client characteristics contribute to the efficacy of parent training interventions in addressing defiant behavior? [What types of children most benefit from intervention selection?] 2. How does Collaborative Problem Solving differ from behavioral-systemic interventions? Chapter 11: Disruptive Behavior in Adolescents 1. What are important considerations when assessing children/adolescents who are presenting with conduct disturbances? 2. Shapiro discusses the need to supplement the “hard-side” of behavioral-systemic therapy (pp. 389-390). How can this be accomplished? 3. What are systemic contributors to disruptive behavior in adolescents? [These could be factors that create the conditions of disruptive behavior, as well as factors that maintain the behavior.]

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