Using the information attached (the Summary of Standards of Mathematical Practice with Questions), the Common Core State Standards for Math document and record summaries of the 8 Practices, respond to each of the numbered items below for each of the 8 Mathematical Practices. You may use other resources to support your analysis-if so please reference these resources at the end of your document.     1. What is the importance of the mathematical practice as it pertains to student learning. 2. Provide a minimum of two examples of what the student will be doing when they are demonstrating this math practice. For example are they thinking abstractly, reasoning, explaining, using concrete objects, analyzing, monitoring their own thinking, questioning, arguing, justifying, and making conjectures? 3. List a minimum of two methods the teacher can use to help students master skills when using this math practice. For example, graphic organizers, questioning, scaffolding, modeling, using concrete objects, construct, and deconstruct.  4. List one activity you could utilize for each math practice.  attached is an example of how the assignment can be completed.

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