Media and Culture

 Description Thinking Critically 3 For this assignment, you will pick 3 questions from among the video and the chapter readings and answer each with a minimum of 3 paragraphs that are 3–5 sentences per paragraph. NOTE: You will answer 3 questions total. Read Chapter 16 of the Straubhaar et al. text. Select 1 question from the list below to answer: 1. Justify governmental interventions into the media marketplace in terms of preserving competition. 2. Define network neutrality. Why is network neutrality of concern to you as a media consumer? 3. Distinguish vertical integration from horizontal integration and cross-ownership. Read Chapter 17 of the Straubhaar et al. text. Select 1 question from the list below to answer: 1. Define the terms “morality” and “ethics” and discuss the differences between them. 2. Describe how the morality and ethics of those participating in various media outlets might have an impact on your life. Include social media like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram effects in your discussion.

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