medical law;Iris is diabetic

Iris is diabetic and is 39 weeks pregnant. She has had a healthy pregnancy, being carefully monitored because of her condition by her local maternity unit at the South Watford NHS Trust. Her consultant, Mr Pupile has been attentive and she has been happy with her care, but he has not advised her of the risk associated with her diabetes, in particular, having a larger than average baby which has a significant risk of further complication. He has not discussed with her the alternative of a caesarean section which may be essential to avoid damage being caused to the baby during birth.

One morning when she wakes, she becomes worried that she cannot feel the baby move anymore. She knows that this is not a good sign and rushes to see her GP, Dr Retina. Dr Retina does not examine her but tells her it is perfectly normal. Iris returns home unconvinced by the advice. The following evening, having discussed her concerns on an internet forum for pregnant women, she is so concerned that she goes to her maternity hospital who immediately admit her for observation. 

She is closely monitored and shortly after, the nurse is so concerned with the baby’s heartbeat that she calls the doctor, Mr Pupile. He finishes his lunch, sees another patient, and does not arrive for a further 40 minutes but once he arrives, is so alarmed, arranges an immediate caesarean section. The baby is born but does not breathe immediately and when she finally responds, she has been deprived of oxygen for too long and is left with multiple disabilities.

The baby is now 18 months old and Iris seeks your advice. The baby has complex mental and physical disability and Iris believes that had her baby been born at an earlier stage, she would not have been starved of oxygen. She also believes she should have been advised of her risk of potential complications as she would have then requested a caesarean and she believes, all damage would have been avoided.

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