MediSys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team .

 Reports – Each individual will be responsible for preparing and turning in, prior to case discussion, a report for 1 of the HBS cases covered in class and presented by another group. The report (a 3-page maximum) should provide a factual summary overview of the company and industry (what is the company, what they do, where do they rank in the industry), a brief summary of the situation the case presents, and develop comprehensive answers to the Case Question(s) provided by the instructor. The report should be word processed, in a readable font size, and contain the name of the author; no attachments will be included. Pertinent annotated references are required in order to achieve the maximum grade, read more besides the case (find out about the company and industry, any news *use citations in this part*). Answer this questions MediSys IntensCare Project Case Analysis Questions 1. Identify and discuss two organizational issues you feel are negatively impacting MediSys’ ability to deliver the IntensCare project. 2. Do you feel the IntensCare project is well defined? What would have you done differently in launching its product development? 3. The design of the IntensCare team itself was not well-considered; identify three 3 contributing factors to team conflict.

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