Memo to the President: Renew Diplomacy in the Americas

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Public Policy and Administration Practice Translation Memos
The practice translation memo is designed to instill in students the competency to translate public policy and administration research into practice. In doing so, students will demonstrate the ability to access, identify, evaluate, and use effectively the extant research on substantive topics. Students should select a recent journal article from any area within the public service literature, including: public policy and administration, nonprofit management, human resource management, criminal justice, social work, etc. Translation memorandums should be addressed to either a supervisor or elected official(s). Memos should be no more than six single-spaced pages, and no less than four single-spaced pages in length and include an overview to the articles topic and its relevance to public administration, an identification of the research question(s), and an evaluation of the findings and conclusions. Lastly, students must finish with a set of recommendations on how to either implement or apply the articles recommendations/findings, or the students own recommendations based on their reading of the article. In-text citations should follow American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines and a full reference list should be included as an attachment to the memo

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