Micro 3277 Syllabus F18: Microeconomics Final Reflective Paper

Minimum Word Count Length:

1,200 words in total for all questions. Note: The minimum word count is for your RESPONSES ONLY–NOT including the text of the question prompts. Format: Word document (.doc or .docx file formats). I am presenting this prompt as a series of questions to help you ensure that you cover each point required in this final reflective paper. You simply need to respond to each prompt question. Be sure to leave the prompt questions in place, and enter your responses beneath each question. If you are a Mac user, be CERTAIN that I can open the file you submit on a PC. Make sure you use our naming convention used throughout the course. If I were to submit this paper, I would “save as” Li Final Reflection. Delete this instruction page when submitting. Citations: If you quote something from any of your writing prompts’ sources, please be sure to provide proper attribution if you are quoting from someone else’s work. If you include a quote from an external source (book, journal article, conference paper, website, etc.), please use MLA style for the citation. Then at the end of your reflective paper, include a “Works Cited” page (which is what a bibliography is called in MLA format) with the source’s information formatted according to MLA guidelines. Here are some good online MLA style resources: ● ● . If you happen to have Word 2007 or higher, it has a built-in MLA formatting function in the “References” tab, and it will insert a bibliography in MLA format (as a “Works Cited” list) at the end of your paper. The new Citations and Bibliography style options will help you do this automatically—visit **But…please DO NOT worry yourself a great deal over the MLA formatting.**

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