Micro Article Analysis

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Micro article analysis YOU HAVE TO ANALYZE ONLY ONE of the articles- It carries 50 points: IT COULD BE IN POWER POINT (8 to 12 slides) OR IN WORD DOCUMENT ( 2 to 3 typed pages in APA format) 

Folks, I have pasted the following link to the articles:

The first ARTICLE is on the topic of international trade and Information technology. (50 points)


The second ARTICLE is on the competitive structures (50 points)

Economist article: “Battle of the Internet Giants: Survival of the Biggest”

The guideline and rubric for the article analysis is uploaded here.

Please read the guideline and guideline very carefully before doing the analysis.

For further clarification on Micro article analysis and how to justify the use of Information Technology in connection with this article.

The concepts in the video along with all concepts that are covered on the home page of the article need to be addressed in the analysis

Just a very brief synopsis, I am presenting here for Micro article analysis

“Information Technology helps to promote Economies of scale, Specialization and Comparative Advantage due to the better understanding of opportunity costs. Tariffs and Quotas are effectively levied with the help of information technology, and other trade restrictions are in effect due to proper measures where technology makes it faster to collect data.  Foreign Direct Investment has become so much more feasible due to the advancement in technology while helping the multinational corporations along with private investments in foreign countries as the effective information and quick and timely feedback on investments is readily available through advanced information systems.  Information Technology also protects domestic industry from competition and promote greater specialization within countries as the information on every country’s resources is accessible due to Internet and the promotion of E-Commerce. All these concepts fall under this article”. Please make sure to DISCUSS the role  technology plays in the hierarchy of competition among each market structure? Please choose one of the structures and explain the role of information and technology giving an edge to a business (an example) over the other rival

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