Mind Map-Occupational Health and Safety

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Assessment 2:
Mind Map-Occupational Health and Safety
For this assessment you will construct a reflective mind map related to the OHS topics that you have been exploring this term. The context of Work usually takes place within an Organisation. An organisation is a system which includes work, health, safety, humans, risks, hazards and controls.
For each of the headings underlined above examine what that heading means to you (based on what you have learned this term).
So from a start point of OHS you should have a section on work, health, safety, humans, risks, hazards and controls.
Presentation Format
You are required to prepare a ONE page mind map of what you have learned under each of the headings underlined and listed above which has been studied this term.
Examples will be given in Moodle, however please feel free to research Mind Maps and see how you would like to present your work.
There is also free Mind Map software which you can use on which students have previously reported good results with.
Please note: A marking matrix will be provided to assist in preparation of this assessment.

As assignment 2 is a very visual assignment, What you need to keep in mind is that it needs to be a one-page mind map, and that you need to cover all seven headings on that one page.

I would suggest you start with your blank page, add your title to the centre, and then estimate how you would divide up the space around it into seven segments. If you then fill each segment with what you want to say about one of the headings, you should be pretty much right about ‘word count’.

Another good tip when considering how much detail to put into an assignment submission, is to look at what percentage of your total mark the assignment is worth. The mind map is worth 20% of your final mark. (For comparison, each of the quests is worth 10%.) So that can help you to gauge what level of effort we are looking for.

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