MKTG3000_Group Assignment Marketing plan Instructions

. Executive Summary max 1.5page Weighting: 3%  Summarize the whole report – all major issues, findings, recommendations and conclusions. 2. TOC: Use of numbered headings and subheadings with page numbers. 3. Introduction Weighting: 0.5 page 2%  The report is to overview the purpose/reason and structure of new 12-month term marketing plan. 4. SWOT Analysis (S-O; W-T): Weighting: 15%  Identify the major marketing issues based from assessment 2 o Synthesise the company’s internal Strengths relative to the external Opportunities o Synthesise the company’s internal Weakness relative to the external Threats o Select and prioritise the issues (positive or negative) that the company should address. Transfer to the TOWS table in section 5 5. Opportunity Identified: Weighting: 10%  From section 4 o Marketing Strategies development o Summaries section 4 finding (O&T, S&W) into the TOWS table. o Derive the strategies in the TOWS table. o Strategies selection o Choose about 3 strategies for the marketing plan. o Explain and justify your choice of strategies for the marketing plan  Explain and justify your choice of strategies for the marketing plan  Justify how this opportunity will align the company towards achieving Strategic Fit taking into consideration the RBV (Resource-Based View) and exploit/build upon the company’s current Marketing Assets and Capabilities – using the textbook models. THE MARKETING STRATEGY: 6. Identify Competitive Advantage & Marketing Objectives Weighting: 15%  Based on your choice of strategies selected (section 5) regarding the current situation of the company you have analysed via the SWOT, o Select and justify which strategy you would select from Porters generic strategies consist of Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Cost Focus and Differentiation Focus  Develop 2-3 Marketing Objectives: Clearly state up to three objectives for the forthcoming 12 months using S.M.A.R.T goal setting criteria. Explain how these goals link to the identified issues. 7. Segmentation, Target Market(s) and Positioning – Weighting: 15%  Segmentation  Define the 2 segme

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