MMM112 Assignment 3: Module 3 – Assertiveness

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Select one topic from Module 3, Weeks 5–7 and identify a situation (workplace, sporting club, place where you volunteer, etc.) where you have witnessed negative power/politicking OR poor decision making OR conflict management in action. Using the report format prepare the following:

  1. Introduction (this section should reflect components required for a report, i.e. purpose, scope, methodology, limitations, assumptions, plan of essay, and background)
  2. Findings: describe the situation
  3. Discussion: highlight the key issues and consider what may have led up to the situation (antecedents)
  4. Conclusion: key learning/s from your findings and discussions
  5. Recommendations: identify ways in which you could improve/avoid the situation and outcomes.

You should use a minimum of six (6) academic/scholarly resources to strengthen the discussion of the theoretical and conceptual aspects of your report.

Requirements: Structure

Title Page new page, Roman numeral page number i, but page number invisible
Table of Contents new page, Roman numeral page number ii
List of Illustrations

(if applicable)

new page, if your report includes any diagrams, figures or illustrations
Executive Summary new page, approx 250 words, NOT included in 2500 word count
Introduction new page, approx 500 words, Arabic numeral page number 2
Body new page, appropriate headings & sub-headings, approx 1500-1800 words
Conclusion new page, approx 100 words
Recommendations on new page, approx 200 words
References new page, all sources in the one section, minimum of 6 academic sources

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