Monetary Policy and Stock Market

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The structure of the dissertation and should be consisted of the following parts:

  1. Introduction (15%)

It should include

– What is the topic about?

– Why is so important (i.e., motivation)

– Summary of your Contribution

– Summary of the results

  1. Literature Review (15%)

It should include:

– Quote the most important studies that he conducted in the literature form the past to the present that are closely related to your idea.

For each one of these studies you should address the following points:

  • What the author(s) did; How he did it (i.e., methodology)
  • What he found (i.e., results)
  1. Methodology

It should include:

  • You need to explain in great detail, what is the model that you will be using.
  • Quote who developed it?
  • Discuss why you need to use specifically this model.
  • Explain in very detail, which are the variables (e.g. X, Y, Z, so, what is X, what is Y, what is Z) in the model
  1. Data

It should include:

– You need to explain in great detail what are the data that you will be using.

– Where did you find them (i.e., source)?

– What is the range of the data?

– What is the frequency of the data?

– Create a table of descriptive statistic of the main verifiable of interest (i.e., X, Y, Z from before)

C & D (30%)

  1. Empirical Findings (30%)


– You need to explain in great detail your empirical finding.

– You need to analyze them from every possible perspective. (e.g. We examined that and we found this, we alps accounted for this and we found that….)

– You need to present as many tables and graphs as possible

  1. Concluding Remarks (10%)

– Here is the time you quote (What YOU did; How YOU did it (i.e., methodology); What YOU found (i.e., results)

– At the end try provide some future recommendations

  • Structure for an empirical study
The introduction: It should state the topic and the general aim of the dissertation. It should also describe the structure of the dissertation (i.e. how you organise your dissertation in the various sections)
Literature Review: should review the literature on the topic and clarify how your dissertation fits within this literature. You can give any title to this section as long as, at the beginning of the section, you state clearly that the objective of this section is to review the literature on the topic under investigation.
Empirical Framework and Data Description: it is important that you summarise the method you use and that you describe the data use in your dissertation. You can give any title to this section as long as, at the beginning of the section, you state clearly that the objective of the section is give a description of your method and of the data you use.
Empirical Analysis: this section is dedicated to the illustration of your analysis and of your findings. You can give any relevant title to this section as long as, at the beginning of the section, you state clearly the objective of the section.
Conclusion: this section presents a summary of the findings of the dissertation, relates these to the argument

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