Montefiore Medical Center Case Study: Recommendations

Prompt: The final project for this course is a case study analysis with recommendations that will evaluate the cultural competence of an organization and the ways it provides services from a population health approach framework. It is important for healthcare organizations to use strategies for improving services to a diverse population in order to provide quality care to all patients. A population health approach unifies, integrates, and balances prevention and promotion, health protection, diagnosis, treatment, and care. It acknowledges and reflects evidence that factors outside of the healthcare system can significantly affect health. It considers the entire range of individual and collective factors and conditions—and their interactions—that have been shown to be correlated with health status. Commonly referred to as the “determinants of health,” these factors currently include income and social status, social support networks, education, employment/working conditions, social environments, physical environments, personal health practices and coping skills, healthy child development, biology and genetic endowment, health services, gender, and culture. This paper will be the 4th part to an overall paper. Parts 1-3 will be attached for reference. Recommendations a) Recommend strategies for improving the organization’s cultural competence with regard to patient engagement and communications. Be sure to use research to support your reasoning. b) Suggest health promotion and disease prevention strategies for improving outcomes in terms of population health status. Be sure to use research to justify your suggestions. c) Recommend policies and strategies that increase the organization’s use of a population health approach to reduce costs and improve overall quality of care. Be sure to use research to substantiate your recommendations. Evaluate the cultural competence of the healthcare organization presented in the Integrated Safety-Net Health Care System case study ( using a population healthapproach. Please also read the supplemental Interpreting Services Program document ( to ensure that you have all of the information about the Montefiore Medical Center you will need to address the critical elements.

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