Multiple Intelligences: A Case Study

Multiple Intelligences: A Case Study The infusion of Multiple Intelligences theory into the curriculum has been proven to increase student achievement, including improved engagement and performance on standardized tests. However, even with the research, many educators focus on delivering content standards instead of permeating their curriculum with pedagogy that engages students and deepens their understanding of higher order thinking skills. When responding, be sure to refer to examples, theory, and research from your readings and other sources to support your conclusions.   Part 1: Sarah, a third grader in Mrs. Smith’s class, enjoys coming to school and learning. She is quiet and well-behaved. She does not have very many friends and usually plays alone at recess time. Sarah generally receives average grades in reading and math on her report cards; however, Mrs. Smith thinks Sarah has greater potential and is not applying herself fully. Sarah loves to role play and read aloud in class; however, she struggles with writing. How can Mrs. Smith find out what type of learner Sarah is? How can she use this information to help Sarah excel in the classroom and go beyond just a basic student? Part 2: Mrs. Smith’s class just completed a comprehension test on the story they were reading in class. Sarah received a failing grade on this written test. The test was comprised of open-ended questions, multiple choice, and short answers. This grade surprised Mrs. Smith, as Sarah was able to express her knowledge and understanding of the text through class discussions and through collaborative activities. Why do you think that Sarah may have received a failing grade on the written assessment and that this does not reflect the knowledge displayed during the discussions and collaborative group assignments? What strategies can Mrs. Smith incorporate into her lessons to help Sarah with this disconnect in the future?  

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