My purpose in life

Description What is my purpose? Purpose I. Introduction a. Dictionary definition of purpose b. Your definition of purpose c. Peer reviewed journal support of purpose. (this doesn’t have to go in the introduction) d. Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement is your purpose or the thing you feel is trying to emerge. II. Problems: what things typically hold people back from walking in their purpose? III. What is holding you back from your purpose? Something general. Maybe an incident. (i.e. being a man, woman). IIII. What idea is the universe trying to express through me? a. What is seeking to emerge in my life? b. What is the universe up to as my life, not parents, friends, social media, society, but God or the universe, right now? c. What is the universe up to as my life? V. What must I become to manifest the vision? a. Where must I grow? VI. What habits must change? a. What thought patterns must de solve or change? b. What things/people must I let go of? VII. Conclusion

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