Need From Someone Who Speak Romanian To Translate In English

  translate the questions and answer them in the Romanian language with easiest words . 1. Greeting: Buna Dimineata 2. Name (first name? last name? Numele meu este Hussam Alhashim. Care este numele tau ? 3. Nice to meet you.  Imi pare bine de . answer back : de asemena  4. Where are you from (city and country)? UE sunt din Saudica Arabita.  Voi  de unde suntiet?  5. What is your nationality?  6. What is your birthday? 7. What is your phone number? 8. What is your address? 9. What is your occupation? 10. What languages do you speak?   11. Date (day, month, year)? 12. What time is it? 13. How is the weather? 14. Where is Romania?  15. What is the capital of Romania?  16. What language do we speak in Romania? 17. “How do you say in Romanian ….X” (3 expressions per person) 18. “How do you say in Romanian …X” (3 expressions per person) 19. Thank you /You’re welcome 20. Goodbye /Have a good day/week/week-end 

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