Communication can help your career in more ways than any other skill. Being able to verbalize your thoughts is essential; however, how one actively listens is vital. Complete both parts of this assignment. Part 1 For this first part of the assignment, take the time to familiarize yourselves and reflect on the basics of communication in addition to listening and group communication. Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Communications Basics worksheet to help you with Part 2. Part 2 Read the following scenario: Your workplace has recently experienced issues regarding effective listening. Some employees are not “hearing” what is being communicated by upper management. This is evident in the way projects are being turned in without all tasks completed. In response, your manager has asked you to provide your coworkers with information to help them boost their listening skills. Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation that answers the following questions:  Why is listening important? Why is listening important in the workplace? What is active listening? How does one show they are an active listener? What are some effective listening strategies? What are some barriers to effective listening? How might you overcome these barriers? Use bullet points and graphics or images on the slides, and detailed information in the speaker notes.   Cite any sources used and remember to include a title page according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines

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