New Jim Crow

In NJC Michelle Alexander discusses mass incarceration and the correlation of poverty, racial bias, and a host of other social structures that exist from being in the criminal justice system. For this assignment you are tasked with the following: (1) read New Jim Crow- Introduction, Chapter 1- The Rebirth of Caste (pgs.) 40-58, and Chapter 6, The Fire Next Time (pgs.) 223-242 Who is the author and from this assignment what have you learned about her? What motive (purpose) might the author have for writing on this subject? Explain. • What is the author’s argument? Explain (must have three not to exceed four) summarize each briefly but thoroughly. • Is mass incarceration a Civil Rights/ human rights issue? Discuss and defend your answer. • This is a two-part question: (1) discuss your thoughts or ambivalence of this topic before reading NJC, (2) after reading NJC explain three things that seem most memorable. • Since its release NJC has sparked dialogue in reference to mass incarceration. What would you say needs to happen with this system for change to occur? Explain. Write a 3 – 4-page essay, Times New Roman 12 font with 1” margins, • A minimum of 3 footnotes are required (Chicago Writing Style) and a Bibliography page, cannot exceed 10 footnotes. • In addition to the contents of the NJC – Michelle Alexander, you are allowed to use 1 additional source. • For each question, a new paragraph is required, there is no need to add excessive spacing in between each question.

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