Next-generation Polymer Fibers

I need term paper + presentation for my assignment. The topic is Next-generation polymer fibers. pleas follow this structure 1- you are required to identify/select 10key articles through a comprehensive literature search. 2- Pleas nots that title of term paper and half page Abstract and list of 10 references should be included. The number of papers between 12 to 15 including figures, tables and TEN references. The cited references should be in American chemical society (ACS) style format. In the end of this report, you must provide with five exercise problems (three from the presentation plus two) along with their answers Pleas intelligent question.
For the presentation format Side-1: concise title of the topic. Side-2-9: important concepts on the topic. Side-10: 3 very interesting / information questions on the topic and their answers. The presentation should be within 14 to 16 minutes. Here are some aspects/tips that I want in my presentation 1- select the most important concepts on the topic and emphasize them clearly. 2- do not but too much info on each slide. 3- one theme per slide. 4- pictures of hand drawing / writing to illustrate your ideas ere welcome, but must be clear and professional. 


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