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SMGT 422
suppose you wish to use the data gathered from health club member surveys to identify variables that are associated with facility usage, as measured by the reported number of times per week (ExWeekT1) that mem- bers come to use the club. In a multiple correlation, the dependent variable will be ExWeekT1, and the independent variables will be gender, marital status (single, married), and income (low: <$35,000, middle: $35,000–$70,000, high: >$70,000). Before starting this analysis, remember to (1) place the relevant data in contiguous columns and (2) dummy code the independent variables. Numerical Analysis Homework Help.Code males (M) as 1 and females (F) as 0, code Single members (S) as 1 and married members (M) as 0, and code high-income members (H) as 2, middle- income members (M) as 1, and low-income members (L) as
Practice Problem #3 Instructions
Begin this assignment by referring to the step-by-step instructions in Chapter 16 for Research Scenario 1. By utilizing the data set “Research Scenario 1 Survey Data – MiLB Scenario” for these instructions and practicing the associated calculations, you will become familiar with how to utilize the second data set “Research Scenario 2 Survey Data – Health Club Scenario” in order to complete the corresponding practice problems and answer the following questions.


  1. Perform a multiple regression using gender, marital status, and income to predict facility usage, with alpha = .05.
  2. Plot the residuals. Has the assumption of homoscedasticity been met?
  3. What is the R value?
  4. What is the F value?
  5. What is the p value?
  6. What is the statistical significance of the results?
  7. What is the squared multiple correlation coefficient (R2)?
  8. Are the results meaningful?
  9. How would you write up the results for a scholarly article?
  10. How would you report the results to the health club’s owner?

You must submit two documents:

  1. Submit this Word document with each of your answers directly after each question.
  2. Submit your Excel workbook in .xlsx format with all calculations supporting your answers to the above questions.

Submit this written assignment by 11:59 PM (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5. Numerical Analysis Homework Help.

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