NURS 601 Theoretical/Conceptual Framework and Conceptual Model Section

The theoretical framework or conceptual framework is 15% of your total proposal grade or 15 points. The conceptual map is 5% of your total grade or 5 points. This total section is worth 20% of the proposal grade or 20 points. Explanation for grading this section follows:


Theoretical/Conceptual Framework (1-2 pages)

The theoretical or conceptual framework refers to the perspective (paradigm) that guides your study. The theoretical or conceptual framework is the basic structure of the ideas to be tested in your research study. Additionally, the theoretical or conceptual framework gives the reader an understanding of why you chose your research questions, how your research questions will be answered in a particular way, and how you decided on particular hypotheses.


The theory should be clearly described. You must demonstrate how this framework applies to your research topic and define all key terms.  The theoretical or conceptual framework should be consistent with your specific aims (research questions), and your research methods to collect the data.


Grading Components:

Content: (15 points)

Selected a theoretical or conceptual framework appropriate for your research topic

Provided the rationale for using this specific theoretical or conceptual framework

Demonstrated how the particular framework is relevant to your research topic.

Explained how this theoretical or conceptual framework guides your research and determines what data variables (information) you will collect

The theoretical or conceptual framework is consistent with research questions

The theoretical or conceptual framework used is specific and well-thought out


Conceptual Model (1 page)

A conceptual model presents the relationships among a set of connected concepts and ideas. The conceptual model displays how your mind sees a particular topic. By constructing a conceptual model, you think about what you know (your hypothesis or probable outcomes about your research topic) and what you still need to find out (data variables and data collection). In a conceptual model, the concepts are usually represented by single words enclosed in a rectangle (box) and are connected to other concept boxes by arrows.


Conceptual models are graphical tools used for organizing and representing knowledge. A conceptual model is a diagram showing the relationship between your theoretical framework and data collection. The conceptual model details how you will collect the data necessary to answer the specific aims in your research proposal.


Grading Components:

Content: (5 points)

Concept model represented graphically

Concepts are included with boxes and circles

Relationships between and among variables are shown by connecting lines to specific boxes

Information needed to address the specific aim(s).

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