Nurse leader’s demographic information.

 Nurse leader’s demographic information: years experience, educational background, work experiences, hours/week worked, 24 hr. coverage commitment, any involvement with organization committees, weekly meetings attended. Describe the leader’s work unit; type of patients, number of patients, number of staff, staff levels working in unit. * Nurse leader’s style of leadership – what led this manager to choose this style – What are the pros and cons? Did the Nurse Leader have a mentor? What helped to support his/her success? * Participation in organizational quality initiatives and/or risk management issues at current or prior positions. * Experience with organizational changes or initiatives. * Budgetary or Fiscal responsibilities. * Human Resources responsibilities (interviewing, staff selection, scheduling, evaluations, motivation). * Overall, what it means to be a nurse leader in today’s healthcare environment and advise for future nurses * Identify the leadership style that you believe best describes you based on what you have learned in class and your leader interview. Provide rationale for your choice and support your claim with evidence (a minimum of 1 scholarly reference) from the previous readings. As an emerging leader, address what is most important to you, your strengths and areas for growth, and how they will affect your interpersonal relationships and communication

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