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Respond To Financing Issues

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  • You should respond to at least two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts and supporting your opinion with a reference. Response posts must be at least 150 words. Your reply posts are worth 2 points (1 point per response).
  • Quotes “…” cannot be used at a higher learning level for your assignments, so sentences need to be paraphrased and referenced.
  • Acceptable references include scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions), journal articles, and books published in the last five years—no websites to be referenced without prior approval.

Reimbursement and Financing Issues
Nowadays, the healthcare system is rapidly developing and constantly going through various changes, including of financial nature, which has a direct impact on the medical staff and nurses. Keeping the nursing staff updated about any changes that take place is one of the ways to ensure a healthy working atmosphere. With recent reimbursement changes in my working environment, there are a few ways used to share them with the nursing staff. Nursing homework help.
One of the methods to address reimbursement changes in my workplace is through communication. Effective communication helps explain the reason behind any decision made, possible consequences, and how this change will impact nurses. While this point may seem clear, many administrators and managers neglect it, which can lead to misunderstanding and chaos in the working place. Instead of keeping nurses wondering about changes that take place around them, administration should promptly call a meeting and presents a brief summary of recent adjustments. In addition, before announcing the change, it is important to choose a suitable time and place. Besides, it is necessary to keep in mind that a summary of reimbursement changes is not only about what it is said, but also how it is said, meaning that communicators must choose their words wisely to ensure that most nurses will welcome the change instead of resisting it.
Another point to keep in mind is that any changes related to reimbursement may create certain confusion among the nursing staff, either due to their lack of knowledge on this matter or unwillingness to accept further modifications.  Nursing homework help.When such a situation occurs, addressing the change is split into several steps such as introducing the issue and providing reasoning behind it, explaining the new order of things and consequences, and eliminating a negative attitude by answering further questions (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). If this algorithm is followed, it ensures that reimbursement, as well as other changes that will take place in the future, are welcomed by the nursing staff.


Nurses have always been a valuable asset to healthcare facilities. Introducing them to financial issues is crucial for the wellbeing of the medical institution. One of the ways to increase awareness is through education. Currently, there are plenty of courses and training opportunities presented for healthcare workers that help increase their skills and knowledge (Connor, 2015). Recently, organizing courses that promote workers’ qualifications gained popularity due to the delivery of useful information within a short period of time. Similarly, financing courses can be developed specifically for the nursing staff, taking into account their current knowledge and level of qualification. In my opinion, it will provide nurses with a great opportunity to learn about financial issues in more depth. In addition, as the course is time-effective, nurses will neither invest too much of their free time nor will they be overwhelmed with new information. It is important to note though that the nursing staff should be informed regarding any courses or cycles that are about to take place. Nursing homework help. Such meetings should be held with the purpose of proposing training and seeking feedback from the nursing staff. This step will help in understanding their level of knowledge in financing and will give a better insight into their interests in this field.
Moreover, it is recommended to explain why gaining skills in finance is important and how it can influence personal and collective performance. When nurses have a clear understanding of why they need to learn financing, they are more likely to be genuinely involved in the learning process rather than doing it because they are told so. Upon successful completion of such a course, the nursing staff should practice acquired skills in a real-time setting. Nothing can teach a person better than real-life situations, where they are exposed to actual scenarios and issues that must be solved effectively. It will not only allow nurses to implement their knowledge but will it also lead to a better outcome in further hospital operations. Nursing homework help.

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