Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help

 Do PowerPoint please -pi

There will be times throughout your nursing career that you will be asked to present formally or informally about a healthcare topic to clients, family members, the community, or other healthcare professionals. You may even be asked to teach other nurses about specific healthcare-related topics For this project, imagine that you are a nurse at Rasmussen Home Health Services and that there is an upcoming staff in-service. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (including Speaker Notes) that can be used to educate your nursing peers. The purpose of the in-service will be to:

  • Describe a specific client problem and discuss the challenges associated with teaching older adult clients about it.
  • Teach nurses best practices for teaching clients about a specific condition.
  • Share strategies for overcoming sensory, functional,      cognitive, and literacy barriers that prevent health modifications in the older adult client.
  • Provide appropriate, age-related techniques (e.g.,      simple step explanations, visual demonstrations, teaching handouts at 3rd-grade      reading level, etc.) for teaching clients about a specific condition.Nursing homework help.


Due Date

Your final project is due in Module 10. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module in which they are due is noted in the timeline below.

This is one project that will be submitted in different breakdowns….but I will need the final project to be submitted in module 10 as you can see below.

Module 01

  • Assignments:      Introduction

Module 02

  • Assignments: Select      Topic

Module 04 

  • Assignments: Annotated      Bibliography

Module 08 

  • Assignments: Presentation      Outline

Module 10

  • Assignments: PowerPoint      Presentation Due- Do Powerpoint

Nursing homework help

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