Occupational Stress OR Mini-Review

 You have a choice of writing a paper on occupational stress OR a paper on a topic related to stress or stress management. This assignment requires the use of library resources, including professional journal articles. For the Occupational Stress Paper: Investigate potential stressors likely to be encountered in your chosen occupation by reviewing the literature and interviewing at least one person working in that field. A minimum of (2) professional journal articles that preferably relate directly to the occupation must be used. If you’re unable to locate articles directly relating to your occupation, you may use, with instructor permission, professional journal articles that discuss occupational stress of a more general nature. Write a concise summary of the research, integrating information from the journal articles and the interview, including methods used by your interviewee to cope with stressors. 5 page minimum. For the Mini-Review Paper: Review the literature on a pre-approved topic related to stress or stress management. For the review of literature, use a minimum of (4) professional journal articles. Write a concise summary of the research, integrating information from the journal articles. Minimum page numbers 5 pages. Criteria for evaluation of the paper include: 1) content 2) organization/structure 3) integration of relevant theory and class materials 4) writing clarity 5) originality Sample Paper Outline: Occupational Stress (See online rubric for details) GENERAL NOTES See webct and class reader for examples of peer review journal articles and how to cite 10 or 12 pt. font, APA style, black ink, times new roman font style, white paper, indent new paragraphs, use paragraph breaks APA is written in past tense whenever possible (e.g. The purpose of this paper was .The goal of this paper was) Need to have in-text citations for any material noted on the reference page Double space lines of text Inside the paper – main section titles are good for organization (e.g. section title – Moving Physiological Stress Themes) Brief, clear, and concise writing; write with academic, formal voice No more than 3 direct referenced quotes in paper Read and follow in detail the paper guidelines; see grading rubric for specifics; see webct handouts Try to avoid overuse of it, they; make sure tenses agree; use of I in this paper is OK; yet use minimally Use spell check and grammar check! Need separate title page and reference page Title Page Title page should include: Running Head (left justified, upper case letters, paper title) Upper Right Hand Corner: a shortened version of paper title placed in the upper right hand corner in the header section, 5 spaces before the pg number Title of Paper (be creative here!) Author Name University Class Name & Section if applicable Date (e.g. 4 January 2007) Pg #s in upper right hand corner preceded by truncated running head title (5 space between title and pg #) Except for running head and pg numbers, everything else on title page is centered and double spaced 12 pt. Font only! Introduction (1/2 -1 page) Optional cite an interesting quote to frame the discussion Intro sentences to topic and paper Statement of purpose (what you will write about and discuss do in the paper) Goals of paper Definition of terms if applicable (Stress, racism, sexism, ageism, etc whichever terms you will be using in your paper and fit into the experiences you are discussing in the paper) Define the occupation and the general duties why you have chosen the topic or occupation Journal Research Analysis (2 pages) Summarize the content of each of three journal articles (methods, demographics, purpose of study, results) Analyze journal research and relate to occupation and paper topic Focus on health risk and potential stressors Suggested coping methods Interview Analysis (2 pages) Use fake name (anonymous) for interviewee How they got into the chosen career Major stressors leading up to getting into the field Daily occupational stressors Interviewee coping methods compare and contrast to journal research findings Summary of Content and Conclusion (1/2 page) Summarize the main content of paper Wrap up main themes of paper Suggest possible intervention(s) Reference any additional journal materials how the research has developed a deeper understanding of your chosen career path Final thoughts and looking forward, future areas of research

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