Oishi Kuranosuke and the Edo period

Individual paper starts from 3. Biography. From here you will write as a first person.

3. Biography or autobiography of you. (one paragraph only) If it is hard to find exact biography of the person, you may write a general background of your genre. 4. Field and background that you had contributed in Edo period; women’s world, samurai code, chonin’s lives and their changing status, farmers lives and their changing status, artist world, etc. Then explain specific field that you are in; haikai, literature, samurai, kokugaku, merchant, economist, activist, etc. 5. Discussion—-Your own opinion. “REACT” to the society as the first person. You may criticize the society that you are in, and suggest your own ideas that could renovate the society. 6. Conclusion—-Your strong message to the contemporary society 7. Works cited—Use at least 5 sources for individual paper. (Books, peer reviewed journals). Use Library Guide that is specially designed for our class. Source materials are documented according to academic style (APA, MLA, Chicago), and source materials are cited always consistently

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