One aspect of Arthurian literature in the Middle Ages

ENG 321  Major Essay                                                                      


The second essay is a research essay on one aspect of Arthurian literature in the Middle Ages.  You can use any work we have read or will be reading this semester and you are not restricted to Arthur himself.  You are to do academic research on the work and find a topic that is being debated.  Once you have found the topic, research and present both sides.  Then bring in your own arguments for one of the sides. 


When researching, make sure you are using academic sources, not popular ones.  Have a clear thesis and back up your arguments.  Make sure you use MLA format and quote and cite correctly (which means a works cited entry for the medieval work as well as your sources) and follow all the guidelines in the Hacker handbook.  You do not need to let me know ahead of time which work you will be doing, but you are welcome to run the topic by me.


This paper should be 7-10 pages long.

Essay Rubric

The essay will be graded on the following:

1.         Answering the question—Does the essay focus on analysis of and an argument about a Gothic work?  Is the research appropriate to a college research paper?  Does the argument go beyond class discussion and research into the student’s own analysis of the works?

2.         Clear thesis and defense—Is there a strong, specific thesis?  Does the essay defend the thesis adequately (i.e. provide enough arguments)?

3.         Back up for points—When points are raised, are they defended adequately?  Does the writer provide proof for statements from the texts?  Are the proofs quoted, paraphrased, and cited appropriately?  Is the research integrated appropriately?


4.         Logical structure—Does this essay have an appropriate structure?  Is there a separate introduction, conclusion, and body?  Are the body paragraphs divided appropriately, and are they organized in a logical manner?  Does the essay actually compare the topic in the two works or does it deal with the works completely separately from each other?

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