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   Individual 1. Identify five key concepts or themes related to eLearning Design and Development and explain what you know about each. 2. Speculate on the future of eLearning and what your role in that future might be. 3. Revise the eLearning development template/instructional design process you developed earlier for yourself. Be sure to: a. List all of the roles of people who will be involved in the typical development. b. Identify your role. c. Explain the type of courses or other eLearning development the template is for (higher education course, corporate training etc.) d. Provide a clear label for all included elements. e. Provide a clear description of each included element. f. Provide a narrative explaining how the template would be used. 4. Write a reflection of your individual/group project.  a. Discuss your role in the group project and your thoughts on the instructional design process in light of this project. b. what you enjoyed about completing this project  c. what challenges you encountered and how you overcame any obstacles  d. what you learned from this assignment and, most importantly, how you would change your design now that you have had time to reflect again.

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