Operating Early Childhood Programs Module 2 Discussion

  Module 2 Discussion Food Service In Chapter 11 of your course text, the authors describe the many factors that must be considered when creating a food service program at a child development center. While food service can be a valuable opportunity to provide children with nutritious meals, it also requires careful and complex planning and can introduce a number of logistical and financial complications as a result. In this Discussion, you will consider the benefits and challenges of providing meal service at a child development center. Reflect on the following: What are the pros of providing meal service at a child development center? What benefits might meal service bring to children, their families, and the center as a whole? What are the cons of providing meal service at a child development center? What challenges might you, as a director, face when implementing a meal service program at your center? Given these pros and cons, what type of meal service, if any, would you choose to provide at your center? Why? With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic. By Day 3 of Week 3: Post an explanation of what type of meal service, if any, you would provide at your child development center. Describe how you arrived at this decision after weighing the pros and cons of the provision of meal service. By Day 7 of Week 4: Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings. Respond to at least two colleagues who have presented an opposing view from your own. Does their viewpoint change your perspective? Or do you disagree? Explain your thoughts and reactions. Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Reflect on what you learned in this activity and/or insights you gained this week.

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