Operations Management Homework help

This assignment requires a report which shows an understanding of the theory and how companies can apply the theory in practice.
This assignment assesses your knowledge of OM and the implementation of its different practices. Choose a product to be introduced into the market. The product can be a new version of an existing product or a completely new product. It is important to mention that this is not an analysis of an existing product or a historical analysis of a company. Also, while the product may belong to an existing firm, the firm itself is not very relevant. The main focus is to develop a comprehensive OM management plan covering the OM topic in the context of your new product.Operations Management Homework help


Aspects to be included in the case:

  1. Define the operational performance objectives your firm wants to compete with: There must be consistency between your operation performance objectives and all the OM plan.
  2. Product design: Describe the different stages associated with the design of your new product.
  3. Process strategy and layout design: What process strategy and layout options are more relevant for your product and why? Propose and draw a process layout including indicators such as cycle time and a number of stages.
  4. Capacity and planning: How will you measure capacity, and what capacity strategy is more appropriate and why?
  5. Inventory management: What inventory management strategy is more appropriate and why?
  6. Quality management: How would you implement a quality management strategy?
  7. Supply chain management (SCM): Design an appropriate SCM strategy and explain why this is relevant?
  8. Sustainable operations: What OM strategy can you implement to achieve sustainability in your operations.Operations Management Homework help

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