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The purpose of this Assessment is for you to demonstrate a graduate level understanding of how technology and human resource enablers contribute to effective value chain management.


Write an APA formatted minimum 4-page paper, exclusive of the Title and References pages, addressing both technology (part one) and human resource (part two) enablers of effective value chain management Apply and cite at least three supportive, relevant, and respected resources from the Library and your textbook within your paper using APA in-text citation formatting and list the applied sources on a References page using APA formatting. Apart from the selected company website(s), the Internet is not to be used in this Competency Assessment.



  1. Managing the Risk of Value Chain Outage(s)Describe what would happen to a company’s value chain if all electronic devices and systems suddenly were unavailable and an expected time for resolution time were unknown. How might a company prepare for and manage the risk associated with potential outages? How could a value chain be maintained without electronics and technology to support it?
  2. Enterprise Application Software and Value Chain ManagementCompose a compelling argument as to how the use of Enterprise Application Software can be used successfully in the management of an enterprise’s value chain to achieve competitive advantage and customer value. Identify and examine at least three uses of Enterprise Application Software (EAS) in the management of a firm’s value chain, and describe their use in achieving competitive advantage and superior customer satisfaction.


  1. Employee Satisfaction and Value Chain ManagementAssume you are tasked with the responsibility to create employee satisfaction programs and processes related to the following human resources enablers. Additionally, address how you would use these human resource enablers to improve employee satisfaction during times of change.
    1. People and Culture
    2. The Three People Traits: Knowledge, Skills, and Beliefs
    3. People and Trust
  2. The Value Chain in the Management of My LifeAssume your personal life is the most important business you will ever manage This Assessment is an opportunity for you to relate what you learned about the value chain to your own life. Examine the elements and origins of the various aspects of your personal value chain. These could include upbringing, education, professional activities, and professional, educational and charitable networking, etc. Determine and comment how the inclusion and application of the various elements can improve your life quality, competitive position, advantage, and success in living and in your career.

Submit your completed paper in Standard English using correct spelling and grammar to the Assessment Dropbox.

Access the rubric.

Minimum Submission Requirements

You must address all of the checklist items in an APA formatted 4+ pages paper with an additional title and reference page using Standard English, correct spelling and grammar, and APA format and citation style. All content must be original and will be submitted to Turnitin® for originality review.

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