OPTION TWO: A Standard Essay Of 2500 Words. Choose Your Topic From Above And Make An Argument For How Some Of The Concepts/Theories Can Help Destabilize Normativity. How? In What Spaces/Situations? What Do You Personally Plan To Do To Help Make A More Que

My topic is Compulsory Heterosexuality! Argument explaining how compulsory heterosexuality is a real thing and should be stopped whether that is through media (news articles, advertisements),social media, propaganda, homes and families, friends and school.  Compulsory heterosexuality is strong in normativity and how society views the roles of males and females. Ill use the michael warner article “”  as well as others to explain my argument gearing my audience towards the understanding that compulsory heterosexuality is wrong and should be avoided, the coercion of sexual orientation is incompetent.  I personally want to make my audience understand the queer world and empathize that queerness is real and this should be demonstrated through advertisements, media and other aspects of life.  How queerness should not be exclusive and ostracized, what can the world do to normalize queerness.   sounds good–you might think of this from a particular perspective. Like, how could parents avoid promoting compulsory het….or teachers….etc. It might make your life easier to focus on a certain population.-T eachers comments

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