Organisations in Alcohol and Drug Industry

Conduct research to analyse the various organisations that provide and promote services within the alcohol and other drugs sector. Select a minimum of two organisations to write a report that outlines:

1. The history of the organisation.

2. What services and programs the organisations offer and what areas of AOD they work in.

3. Whether they use any evidenced based models. 4. Who the services and programs are aimed at.

5. How they comply with access and equity principles.

6. Whether they support harm minimisation strategies.

7. How they ensure their service provision is person-centred.

8. When and where the programs and services are offered (eg are the programs offered across the state/ territory or just locally?).

9. Whether the organisations are funded or have any partnerships with other community organisations. 10. How changing political, social and environmental contexts can possibly affect the services and programs of the organisations.

11. The legislation that applies to their work.

12. Who works in the programs (eg are they professionals, volunteers?) and any risks to their personal safety that might be encountered when working with clients.

13. The ethics, values and philosophies they work by.

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