Outside Engagement

   You have the option of submitting up to 10pts of extra credit. This may come in the form of two submissions of 5pts each or some combination that might not add up to 10pts. Throughout the semester, WE –me + UAs + you and your peers– may make suggestions about opportunities that would offer ‘an experience’ for learning further about some subject matter in our course of study. I must approve. ‘An experience’ could be a television show, movie, journal article, current event in the news… –which typically would earn 5pts. ‘An experience’ could be a play, interview, trip to a museum/archive, speaker/lecture… –which typically would earn 10pts.  These opportunities will be announced at the beginning of class, pre-class ppt rolls and posted on niihka under Announcements. To earn the points, you would submit 3 pages (hard copy) of thoughtful commentary, reflection, critical thinking and application about the experience to Richelle. Let me know how many points you were told you could earn right after you put an appropriate heading of name, course, date. IF there is a ticket stub, receipt, etc., staple it to your submission.

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