Overview of Article Reviews and Forum Participation.

Overview of Article Reviews and Forum Participation. (3 points).

After reading Article 7 complete this review form and then upload your answers to the Article 7 forum in Blackboard as your first thread. This must be completed before the cutoff date and time specified in the course schedule. NOTE: To receive credit for this assignment you must submit your completed article review form and contribute a minimum of three additional comments to the forum by the cut-off date and times. My expectations for your responses to the questions are a minimum of 2-pages (single-spaced, 12 point font) for each article review.

Your article review should cover the three statements/questions, which are listed below. ♣ Note cutoff dates and times. No late submittals accepted. ♣ Use spelling, grammar check, and page numbers. ♣ Article Review Assignments are open book, open note. ♣ Your completed answers to the questions must be uploaded to the appropriate forum by the cutoff date and time. ♣ To receive credit for the assignment you must contribute a minimum of three comments to the forum in addition to your initial thread (completed Article Review Form).

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