Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Research paper specifics: When writing your paper, it should be in the standard essay format. You will have in text citations within the body of the paper and a literature cited page following your paper. You must cite all of your references in APA style (American Psychological Association). The paper must be typed with 1.5 spacing and using Arial or Times New Roman font. The paper needs to be a minimum of five (5) pages long, excluding figures, tables, graphs, or the references/literature cited page. References: Your paper should include a minimum of five (5) references. Citations: All factual information that is included your paper must be cited within the body of your text. You must give credit to the previous authors and or researchers. Use quotation marks, the author/date style, and/or a numbering system. If you do not, your paper is plagiarized. Do not plagiarize! This will result in an F on this project. Please visit the following websites to read more about plagiarism. Literature Cited: Use the APA Style when formatting your sources. Format: There is no set, pre-determined format. However, at a minimum, the below information must be included as labeled sections within your paper. Title Page Abstract Introduction Overview of Research and Experimentation Discussion Literature Cited

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