Based upon discussions held and conclusions drawn from evidence based research, you will now adopt the role of a Leadership Consultant for an organisation of your choice. You are required to lead a new strategic initiative to propose and implement organisational change and achieve increased effectiveness and efficiency through improvements of leadership practices for your client. Select a specific leadership problem or question in which you are interested. Examples could be the link between leadership style and performance in sales teams or how certain leader traits and team turnover are related.


For the selected organisation, in a total of 2000 words:


Complete a critical analysis to establish a comprehensive understanding of current leadership performance, skill needs, and improvement potential.


2. Propose a leadership development programme that addresses your selected leadership problem. Assess the impact upon current business practices as well as the organisational learning challenges to be addressed, and propose a budget, resource plan, and time plan.


Identify and explain potential benefits for the organisation if your proposed leadership development program is accepted, and highlight the opportunity costs of failing to tackle the problem.


This is intended as a consultancy report for a defined organisation. It is intended for a board level consumption to outline the justified changes required as a result of applying a selected framework for value, strategy and leadership to bring about meaningful outcomes for stakeholders. The consultancy report is not an academic document, it is a stand-alone report intended for top management review and potential endorsement. This report should reach professional consulting standards, a skill set which all students should aim and achieve.



For the organisation and leadership problem selected in Part 1, in a total of 2000 words:


Introduce the reader to the problem by providing all necessary background information, explaining the rationale for the research and its domain, and unambiguously formulating the research problem.


Critically evaluate the relevant literature, including (but not limited to) the class readings} and develop a framework for analysis of the problem based on hypotheses derived from the literature.


Explain the research methodology you plan to employ in order to investigate the problem} covering all relevant issues such as sampling} operational definitions of variables, and statistical methods.


Outline potential research project perspectives which could be adopted to explore improved effectiveness and efficiency of leadership practices in a given organisation.



The purpose of the evidence review is to establish the academic underpinning for the company consultancy report. It requires the student to source, screen, and select appropriate sources of literature and other contemporary evidence that will anchor a critique to be achieved from which specific academic frameworks related to value, strategy and leadership can be derived. Academic research evidence must be apparent and adequately focused so that emergent themes may be considered for research project in Part 2. Quality ‘in text’ references will be expected together with a supporting bibliography.

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