Pediatric Developmental Assessment of a school age child or adolescence, see details below in the details section

*Select a pediatric client from (infancy through adolescence). You may select an assigned client in clinical or a child in your community. Discuss your findings and include the following aspects of the child’s development in a five pages written summary. Support your findings with references from your text, clinical manual and a nursing journal article using APA style (6th Ed.). *Textbook: Maternity and Pediatric Nursing by Ricci, Kyle, Carman.

Third edition for lecture *Wong’s clinical Manual of pediatric nursing by David Wilson, Marilyn J. Hockenberry for lab. *Do not include names of the children or parent or any of their identification information. Maintain the child and parents confidentiality. In your paper discuss the following: *• Review of the child’s growth and development including physical, cognitive, developmental milestone achievements. *• Identify nutritional needs attainment of proper nutrition. *• Discuss parent child interaction, communication and discipline; including play and recreational activities. *• Identify and discuss any cultural implications on this child’s development. *• Recognize child safety strategies use in the child environment or the lack thereof. *Please pay attention to your presentation, grammar and writing. Submit your paper to your clinical faculty by the due date. This is a graded course requirement. *The developmental assessment paper must be no more than 5 pages in length including the title and reference pages. The paper must be written in APA format using the 6th Ed.

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