In Miami, there has been the establishment of affordable houses for the diverse population. However, properties are at risk considering that many people inhabit areas that are at sea level. Climate is pleasant, but flooding, electricity and transportation are the primary factors that cause some problems in regards to contamination and carbon footprint. For that reasons, Miami Dade County, have been addressed using the Green House Effect and Urban CO2 reduction plan programs to reduce the negative effects of these changes. (

In reference to building constructions in the real estate industry, the green building’s technology has been adopted. This is because green buildings use eco-friendly building materials, employ the mechanical system as well as technology that are energy-efficient and conserve water, and try to avoid impacts on the local environment. The county also focuses on Miami Dade Green Program which works on air quality protection, ecosystem management, flood control, contamination, water quality, and recycling of products. (

Currently, Miami –Dade County has thirty green building projects in planning, design or under construction including the Children´s Courthouse and Magic City Innovation District. The existing projects include remodeling or renovation; there are corrective actions to put in place to encourage energy-efficient and environmentally friendly structures through the Green Building Expedited Plan Review Program for commercial, industrial, and residential “green” building-certified projects. There are also incentives provided for the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency constructions. Magic City Innovation District, combines the four important pillars of technology, sustainability, health and wellness, and art and entertainment.  

This example would be used as inspiration for the writer because its contributions to sustainability and will be will mentioned because it is committed to having a positive effect on the surrounding environment, and preserving and celebrating the thriving Caribbean culture of Haiti and the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, it provides the right infrastructure to curate a community of businesses and the makers and educators who will develop a powerful, self-sustaining economic engine. The new construction of this district will be green, open, and have a civic space that will be designed and built according to the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

This project is expected to be the model for future innovation districts and real estate development worldwide that will be of great significance to this research.


In the year 1978, the United Nation´s report in regards to the World Commission on Environment and Development [cite] stated that sustainability is a balancing act. The sustainable development concept was developed in a way such people are assured of a productive and healthy life without compromising the needs of the future generations through the social and economic advances. Additionally, sustainable development leads to the protection of the environment from any form of destruction or pollution and has also tackled the poverty issue. This normative lead to a summit being held in the year 1992, which was the UN conference on environment and development [cite]. Again, there was also the Agenda 21 which was a nonbinding action plan in regards to sustainable development.

On 1st June in the year 2017, president Trump announced that the USA would cease to participate in the Paris Agreement (cite) on climate change mitigation stating that it will undermine the economy of the country. After the announcement, governors from several states in the country formed the United States Climate Alliance to continue advancing the objectives of the Agreement. However, the State of Florida did not participate.

Considering the greenhouse effect, Miami Dade created a climate action plan aimed at understanding and responding to climate change impacts as well as reducing the greenhouse emissions. In Miami Dade County, the buildings play an important role. This has led to the County developing a new initiative called Building Efficiency 305 to increase energy and water efficiency in public and private buildings. On October 2005 the Resolution R-1200-0 states the  incorporation of sustainable building measures into the design, renovation, construction and the maintenance of County owned and operated buildings. Moreover, the Sustainability Plan and Green Print were developed to integrate with the existing two County plan which was the Open Master Plan and the Comprehensive Development Master Plan. These programs have the objective of protecting the Dade County resources.

Also, LEED (cite) certification regulations were elaborated and unveiled in the year 2000 (cite).

On 22nd April 2009, the Green building Ordinance was adopted by the Miami Beach City Commission requiring the new buildings to have LEED Silver certification and the existing buildings to have LEED Silver certification for their maintenance and operation. The legislation also establishes incentives for green building projects including expedited plan review and building inspections. Again, the developers of green buildings will get a refund of the actual application and review fees for Green Building Program certification. (“U.S. Green Building Council”, 2018).



The research will be descriptive such that it will identify and describe the perception of residential of high end condominiums about how sustainability normative, standards or internal rules have been applied to their building and/or home residences to make them environmentally sustainable. Data from three neighbourhoods: Surf Side, Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles, would be collected. These neighbourhoods are part from the Miami Dade county geographic area and could be considered as high income residential (statistics would be included at the Apendix)

Additionally, the research will be based on the analysis of primary and secondary sources and city reports.

Purpose of the Study:

           The evidence described in the background has shown that there was a change in the cosmovision of Miami Dade County especially in a political insight that could have meant a tendency to start working in non-mandatory rules to apply to building projects and condominiums to make them more sustainable and that those initiatives could  represent the beginning of a transition to a more sustainable society

The purpose of the study is to develop a simple project to evaluating high rise condominiums to address the impression of the residents about the green initiatives applied at their buildings and check their level of awareness on that sustainability actions and its contribution on conserving the environment.



Statement of the Problem:

What would be the perception of the individuals residents of high end condominiums about the green initiatives applied at their residences /buildings.

And consequently, would be some questions surrounding this problem, such as:

Is there a plan? If there is one/one, which one/ones would be?

Are they connected to Miami Dade County Government initiatives? Are they created by the condo association management?

Have the individuals a commitment to transit to a more sustainable community?

How do they think they could contribute to reduce Carbon footprint?

Are they interested on follow new initiatives to take care of the resources at their properties?



Objectives of the study:

-Identify the actors that would be subject of this research

– Relate the perception of the internal and external actors about sustainability rules and projections applied to their condominiums.

– Show the level of awareness of green initiatives and projects that could be implemented  in their neighbourhoods.

-Identify if the individuals that are subject of study have a sense about sustainability in the future, and what it would be that vision.

– Describe the results obtained through the performed survey.


-Work Proposal/ Project Scope

In regards to the effects that could correspond, the project is considered a fundamental priority to carry out a preliminary survey in the area of the social actors and representative groups of interest that could eventually participate in subsequent processes or ensure compliance in case that  sustainability rules have been applied to their home residences. Key personalities of the Real State or institutional actors that are representative referents in the business will take part in surveys that are structured with specific questions.

          The definitions of terms, time schedule for the project and the identification of the principal actors and methodology activities that will show the evaluation of the informed actors or groups know about the subject, their interests, positions, alliances, and importance, or influence roles will facilitate the subsequent proposed outcomes of the project and this information.


The description of the context would tell what rules have been applied to the condos and how in the  three selected neighborhoods of  Miami Dade County.

Principal actors and group of interest involucrate in the process.

Home residences are considered the home itself and the building were people inhabit permanently.

The approach is qualitative and is aimed to reach the results. Additionally it would be a qualitative presentation of the state of the situation of each relevant fact exposed.

The type of study would be descriptive using the mentioned method of survey (with the referrals of the sectors and other individuals) as tool for collecting data. It will be focused on real estate developers, real estate agents, interior designers, condo association, owners and tenants of the apartments inside projects of the three neighbourhoods already described. The modality surveys will be performed with the limitation of time and schedule of the individuals.  The survey will be sent online through the Survey Monkey System, principally through phone text or e mail. Some of them would be done personally or by phone call. The type of questions will be mostly closed.

The list

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