Performance Improvement Case #1

 Do the three problems below. Review Chapter 3 (“Customer Focus”) in your Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text. Do all of the following: ********** (1) Do Projects, Etc. #6 on page 145. (minimum 1 page) a. Gather one or two customer satisfaction surveys or comment cards from local establishments. b. Compare them to the samples in Figures 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10 (pages 127-129 of the text). c. Analyze them as to their ability to lead to actionable information that will help the organization and propose any improvements or re-design you deem appropriate. (2) Affinity Diagram problem. (minimum 1 page) a. Review the discussion of Affinity Diagrams on pages 111-112 of the text (including Figure 3.4). b. Attached is a hypothetical list of barriers to on-time delivery of medications as determined by a process improvement study. An Affinity Diagram can be useful for organizing information and identifying natural groupings for quality improvement. c. Classify these barriers into 3-5 categories (such as Staff Issues, Process Problems, Procedural Roadblocks, Inadequate Equipment and the like). Develop an Affinity Diagram. (3) Analyzing customer feedback problem. (minimum 2 pages) a. Review the discussion about Analyzing and Using Customer Feedback on pages 126-131 of the text. We will use Problem #7 on page 144 of the text to analyze the results of a customer survey from Versitile Sporting Goods. b. Read the description of Versitile given in the problem and look at the 9 attributes in the survey. c. Results of the survey are included in the attachment. d. Make a line graph of the “Helpfulness in selecting the right product” attribute. A sample is included in the attachment. Be sure to label the axes. Analyze the data. What conclusion might you draw?

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